Best Places of Anna Maria Island

Slime’s, a new joint in town, was the last stop on our expedition. It's a modern looking bar with late model pool tables and flat screens TV's. The floors were spick and span, polished brass shone in places and the look of quality wood was abundant. We had cold beer in a clean glass, played a quicker game of pool, laughed a bunch then mounted our bikes for our return to gumbo headquarters and the hot steaming treat that waited. I'm still puzzled how I lost 4 games of pool to my nephew Christian.

After catching my breath at the end of the bike trek, I heated the pot of gumbo until it simmered, added the shrimp and cooked 10 minutes. The Louisiana soup was served in bowls using one third cup rice to one cup gumbo and we all enjoyed it topped with chopped green onions. My wife served up a New Orleans style City Salad that was delicious and perfect with gumbo. You'll have to visit my web site to get the City Salad recipe.

Anna Maria Island Real Estate Sister in law Sue, who provided our lovely accommodations, made some toasted whole wheat bread to complete the feast. White wine and margaritas were our libations of choice.

It was a great winter weekend at the Florida beach and a great occasion to cook up a fantastic gumbo. Anna Maria Island Weddings Try my recipe. You are guaranteed to love it.

Here is the recipe for my stock

·         8 chicken legs 

·         2 whole onions quartered 

·         4 carrots cut into large pieces 

·         4 stalks celery broken 

·         3 garlic cloves sliced 

·         4 bay leaves 

·         2 smoked ham hocks 

·         1 teaspoon salt 

·         1/2 teaspoon black pepper 

·         1/4 teaspoon red pepper 

·         3 quarts water